Avoid a Messy, Sewage-Filled Yard

Avoid a Messy, Sewage-Filled Yard

Arrange for sewer line repair services in Levittown or Bristol, PA

If more than one of your drains is clogged or there's foul-smelling water pooling in your yard, you might have a sewer line problem. Fortunately, Thompson Plumbing Service offers sewer line repair and replacement services in Bristol and Levittown, PA. We can locate issues with your sewer lines using a camera snake, and then complete the necessary repairs right away.

Sewer line issues are often caused by:

  • Infiltrating tree roots
  • Broken, collapsed or cracked pipes
  • Debris or oil blockages
  • Corroded or bellied pipes
  • Leaking sewer joints
Reach out today to get dependable sewer line repair or replacement services. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

Is it time to replace your old, faulty sewer lines?

If you need old sewer lines replaced, we can make it happen. Turn to Thompson Plumbing Service for sewer line replacement services in the Levittown or Bristol, PA area. You can trust our crew to install durable sewer lines without damaging your yard or underground utilities.

Call 267-939-6392 now to schedule sewer line replacement services. We'll guide you through the replacement process.